Become a better Speaker

Become A Better Speaker



Who wants to be on stage and camera needs to speak a lot and those who speak need to be understood; and the truth is nobody was born a speaker but if you practice, you will stand out very quickly. 

The Art of Storytelling is also a "voice matter". To be more charismatic and interesting you need to train your tool number one: your voice.


Want to learn how to project your voice,
Want to improve your breathing,
Want to use your voice to be more persuasive on stage or camera,
Want to rock your presentation every single time, leaving a lasting impression on your audience,


What's included?

29 Videos
2 PDFs

Learn now how to relax, improve and oil your vocal chords. You voice is your instrument, don't let yours rust!

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Ariane de Melo
Ariane de Melo
Official TEDx Coach and Partner

About the instructor

My name is Ariane de Melo. Born in Rio de Janeiro but I've been a German citizen by choice since 2006. I'm a professional actress and director – here to change everything you know about Public Speaking.

Why? Because this industry has changed, audiences expect now conversations instead of lessons, entertainers instead of teachers.

The only problem is: most speakers don't know how to do it. And how could they? Entertainment isn't a job for Rhetoric, it's a job for Performing Arts, and that's why I do what I do.

I created the F.O.U.N.D.A.T.I.O.N. program to help clients to prepare an unforgettable and converting delivery.

I create presentations so full of color and excitement as a Theater Play.

I create stars!

Do you want to be more than just another Public Speaker?
Then I’m your Branding Director.

"This course is incredible! hank you so much for this opportunity. I have to say that I was touched;
I have never thought of most things I learned here."

- Julia Just
"I can highly recommend Ariane de Melo ´s course to anyone serious about becoming a public speaker or to anyone trying to improve their podcasting or livestreaming Speaking skills."

- Melanie Falvey

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