Persuasion Made Easy

Persuasion Made Easy

Persuasion is one of the hottest words in the Business World.

We all want to be more persuasive to be more competitive and make more money.

Only, people rely way too much on body language, mimic and gesture, to try to be more persuasive, however, what is persuasion exactly?

How does it work? Is there some magical button that you can press to be more persuasive? There is, and I have tested it myself.

Never in my life, I didn't get I job that I applied for, by using the same system I explained in this training. My years of acting experience finetuned a crucial skill we all should improve: observation.

Later on, I found out that I was using the Psychology and Science behind Persuasion without even noticing it.

So, what is persuasion? What should you consider while preparing for a sales call, a presentation or a job interview? Have you ever thought about going deep into human needs to know how to fill them?

I put together, in this uncomplicated and straight to the point, course the Psychology and Science behind Persuasion; using simple examples and shortcuts so you can apply all of them right away.  

Will you keep begging or will you start being persuasive?

Ready to become a persuasion machine?

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What's included?

3 Videos
Ariane de Melo
Ariane de Melo
Official TEDx Coach and Partner

About the instructor

My name is Ariane de Melo. Born in Rio de Janeiro but I've been a German citizen by choice since 2006. I'm a professional actress and director – here to change everything you know about Public Speaking.

Why? Because this industry has changed, audiences expect now conversations instead of lessons, entertainers instead of teachers.

The only problem is: most speakers don't know how to do it. And how could they? Entertainment isn't a job for Rhetoric, it's a job for Performing Arts, and that's why I do what I do.

I created the F.O.U.N.D.A.T.I.O.N. program to help clients to prepare an unforgettable and converting delivery.

I create presentations so full of color and excitement as a Theater Play.

I create stars!

Do you want to be more than just another Public Speaker?
Then I’m your Branding Director.

Ready to become a persuasion machine?

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