Become a better Speaker

Become a Better Speaker [PRO]

The Speaker Transformation 2.0

Forget everything you ever knew about Public Speaking!

I am here to destroy popular myths and help you build a speaking foundation
that it's going to make you stand out from others.  

Because who better to help you make more impact on stage
than a professional Theater Actor, right?


– and how you can use it in your business to make more impact and money.

Are you a Speaker? This is for you.
Are you not? This is for you too.

Acting is one of the most fascinating professions that exist and could be one of the most profitable if done right. 

Still, about 75% of all actors live in poverty. But you won’t because you have an advantage: you think business. 

Artists are incredible people with a gentle soul and – often – very low self-esteem. 

The industry is ridiculous, and though the whole world consumes what we do, actors are misunderstood, but hey that is a good thing for you. 

If you learn Theater technique and use it to communicate, you’ll be unstoppable because you will learn.

How to read people’s body language – and know what you are doing right or wrong and change your strategy. 

How to relax your voice to be more persuasive, close more deals & make more money.

How to use your mimic, posture and energy (aka nonverbal communication) to be more charismatic and get yourself everywhere you want to go.

Actors don’t think business, they don’t use their deep psychology knowledge in the outside world. Well… not all of them. 

I remember that one of my teachers asked me during a rehearsal if I used my timing in real life because it was impressive. 

What do you think? 

If you want to seem confident thought you are not;
If you want to be a charismatic personality and achieve anything you want;
If you want to learn how people’s mind and emotion work to help you sell better;

I have something for you. Work on your voice, on your charisma, on your persuasion!

What's included?

63 Videos
9 PDFs

Learn now how to relax, improve and oil your vocal chords. You voice is your instrument, don't let yours rust!

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Course Curriculum

Become a Better Speaker - Introduction
Module II - Body & Voice
Module IV - Become a Better Speaker Conclusion
Speaker Transformation - Conclusion

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Meet your instructor and get inspired.

Ariane de Melo
Ariane de Melo
Official TEDx Coach and Partner

About the instructor

My name is Ariane de Melo. Born in Rio de Janeiro but I've been a German citizen by choice since 2006. I'm a professional actress and director – here to change everything you know about Public Speaking.

Why? Because this industry has changed, audiences expect now conversations instead of lessons, entertainers instead of teachers.

The only problem is: most speakers don't know how to do it. And how could they? Entertainment isn't a job for Rhetoric, it's a job for Performing Arts, and that's why I do what I do.

I created the F.O.U.N.D.A.T.I.O.N. program to help clients to prepare an unforgettable and converting delivery.

I create presentations so full of color and excitement as a Theater Play.

I create stars!

Do you want to be more than just another Public Speaker?
Then I’m your Branding Director.


Ariane helped me one day prior to the event to sharpen my statements and to put the right emphasize on my key-points by using the tools of pause, gesture and posture.

Yu-Ting Liu, TEDx Speaker

I have experienced Ariane as committed to each speaker. Her coaching style is versatile moving effectively between process and content. She has been a crucial part to the success of the TED Talks by working with Speakers on their presentation skills and also on stage presence.

Nana Addison - Agyei, TEDxMauerpark Organiser & Director

I decided to record my video after for TEDx after my meeting with Ariane. They were amazed how much more natural and confident I was. Thank you, Ariane for all your help. You were a pleasure to work with!

– Emily Morin, TEDx Speaker
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